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Cree Delivers New And Better LED Bulb

Cree revealed this week “a better LED bulb” that it says “delivers an even better light with better performance, a longer life and more energy savings.”

Announced on Monday, Cree, the US-based lighting revolutionary, unveiled its new Cree LED Bulb in 40- and 60-watt-equivalent models, which goes against the current trend in LED bulbs. According to Cree, “some manufacturers seeking to cash-in on the technology’s popularity are driving LED bulbs to CFL-like performance, lifetimes and light quality”, which is why they’ve gone and done the opposite, creating a bulb that is intended to be better than their existing LED bulbs — providing better light, better performance, a longer life-span, and increased energy savings.

“As the LED leader, Cree is dedicated to designing the best LED lighting products that deliver better light experiences while exceeding customer expectations,” said Betty Noonan, chief marketing officer, Cree. “We believe that better light changes everything, and the newest Cree LED Bulb reflects our commitment to never compromise on performance.”


The specifics of the new Cree LED Bulb include a longer lifetime of over 27 years, or 30,000 hours, which is around six times longer than some LED bulbs (or around 52 times longer than the light bulbs in my house). The bulb also looks like a bulb should look, thanks to its proven 4Flow Filament Design. On top of that, the bulb has “a higher color rendering index of 83 to better display colors, true ENERGY STAR® compliant omnidirectional distribution for all-around light, and is fully dimmable with most standard dimmers and suitable for enclosed fixtures.”

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