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Wind energy a major solution under Clean Power Plan

The much-anticipated Clean Power Plan is set to be released today when the President is expected to give remarks about the rule at the White House.

While many are wondering how we are going to be able to meet this ambitious goal being set up by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the good news is wind energy can reliably provide a majority of the clean power that states will need to comply with the government’s new rule to reduce carbon pollution from electric power plants – and it can save consumers money doing so. That’s because according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) wind energy can supply the majority of the lowest-cost Clean Power Plan compliance mix.

“American wind power can do this,” said Tom Kiernan, CEO of the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) in a press release issued by AWEA today. “Low-cost wind energy reduced carbon emissions by five percent in 2014, and we’re capable of doing a lot more. We can build a more diverse, reliable, cleaner energy mix for America, while creating jobs and keeping money in consumers’ pockets.

“We are pleased to see the administration responded to the comments we and others made, that renewables are ready to serve,” Kiernan added. “The Clean Energy Incentive Program holds promise as a way to encourage states to move forward well before 2022, we look forward to the opportunity the EPA is providing to comment on the details. We know wind energy is a solution that works, and we’re ready to meet this challenge.”

Kiernan even shared some exciting news about his whereabouts when the President plans to announce the clean air rule.

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